Which projects have we realized so far, in collaboration with the teachers and the children?

Romeo and Julia

In the summer – when the young people are on vacation from school – longer plays are staged. Because a few weeks out as we know it during the summer holidays here is not an option in the family houses.

To put on a beautiful theater production has extra value.

The first piece that was put on stage with the help of friends (Aart and Karen Brouwer) was 'Romeo and Juliet'.
Enthusiasm, among the young people and among the team of professional supervisors/skilled workers and the employees. The unambiguous conclusion was: continue with these projects.

Madre Courage y sus hijos

The creative projects are increasingly taking shape and the theater teacher can be hired for a year and he chooses – together with the young people – which piece will be played.

Soledad y Soledades

A Mexican adaptation of Hamlet.

Drama workshops

In addition, the young people want to practice with improvisational theater and they have maintained that for a long time. Practicing, trying out, setting up short productions and gaining experience.


And at Christmas, a PASTORELA (Christmas play) is performed every year. Current topics are discussed.

Límites sin Limite

And the first festival has taken place in the center of Cuernavaca!

The young people performed three times the piece 'Límites sin Limite' (Borders without borders). They chose the theme migration themselves and Manuel, the theater teacher, directed the play.

There was an exhibition with drawings by the young people for ten days.

Mexican dances were shown.

The zumba group performed.

In addition, there was music including the song 'La Jaula de Oro'. (The Golden Cage)

Dance costumes

The first dance costumes have also been purchased.


Costumes and face painting items have been purchased for the theatre.

The music group has purchased sheet music.

Material has been purchased for drawing, painting and making masks.

Teaching children outside the family home.

In 2017 we started offering drawing lessons, music lessons and computer lessons on Saturday mornings to the children who live outside the family home. And step by step we want to expand this offer.

Ricardo Klayen is in charge of these projects (you can read more about Ricardo under the heading employees). The young people who take drawing lessons, music lessons and are busy with the computer at school, give the lessons. They are very enthusiastic because they themselves know what it means to be able to draw, to make music. And working with ICT.

The parents of the young people who live in the vicinity of the family home have no money to offer their children these lessons. Also, the children often do not have a computer at home and therefore cannot practice. And that is something that is certainly indispensable in these modern times.

The play "The House of Bernarda Alba"

In 2018 we worked hard on the play "The house of Bernarda Alba".

Content of the play:

The Andalusian countryside of the early 20th century is the setting for this tragedy about a widowed mother who struggles to control her five daughters. During the mourning, which lasts eight years, the family home is hermetically sealed by the tyrannical Bernarda. She watches over the family's reputation like a terrier, but cannot prevent her daughters from vigorously resisting this captivity. The main cause is the arrival of a suitor for the eldest daughter Angustias, 39 years old and ugly. The candidate is the Romeo of the village, Pepe el Romano, a 25-year-old boy. The pre-engagement talks take place in the cool of the night, at Angustias' bedroom window. Those conversations are short. For Pepe has set his eager eye on the youngest daughter, Adela. Their meetings take place later in the night and they are not limited to fleeting conversations at a bedroom window. The women come into conflict with each other, but also individually struggle with prevailing taboos such as sexuality and the right to self-determination. Full of jealousy, anger, fear and suppressed desire, the daughters fight for their lives.