Mental health

October 2022

The teachers of the family home in Cuernavaca who teach theatre, dance, music and visual arts and the sports teachers see that the creative projects and sports do the young people very well. That it helps the young people to give their unpleasant experiences a place. And that they learn to express themselves better and also - if something is bothering them - to talk about this with the teachers (all Mexicans who know what the problems are in their country and are closely involved with the children).

The last time I was in Mexico I again talked a lot with the young people in Cuernavaca (from 12 years old to about 18 years old). They themselves indicated that creativity is of great importance to them. That their psychological complaints such as fear, anger, confusion, insomnia decrease as a result.

What should not be forgotten is that the children who come into the family home often already have a rough history. Some have been mistreated or abused and many have been neglected. Some have lost one or both parents, sometimes through violence.


I also had conversations with psychologist Karen in the family home of Miacatlán where the children live from a young age to about 12 years.
She notices that the children find it very uncomfortable to go to a psychologist. 'I am not crazy.'


Sandra, who sets up programs in Cuernavaca, has set up the Chicas Poderosas (strong girls) group.
In Mexico, there is a lot of violence against women. The girls in this group have also experienced a lot of violence. And Sandra makes programs for these girls to become more resilient. And money for more material would help.

Viridiana Espinoza

Viridiana Espinoza is a psychologist at Casa Buen Señor.
The psychologist in Cuernavaca also notices that young people do not go to the psychologist so easily. This taboo must also be broken

We are all looking for a complete program. The possibility to participate in the creative projects, if necessary individual support from a professional therapist, a conversation with a psychologist without there being a taboo on this.
It has been agreed that we will take this path together step by step and I will keep you informed how this goes.

For now - in addition to the budget of the Creative Projects - a budget has been drawn up for refurbishing the space in Miacatlán where the psychologist has conversations with the children. This space must be provided with a child-friendly appearance.


The windows cannot be closed completely so other windows, the walls must be painted, brightly colored furniture etc.
Total amount: 1,450 euros

If you want to support us, we are very happy. Because if traumatic events are not processed, a person cannot become a whole person.

World Mental Health day

Monday 10 october was World Mental Health day.
Miacathlan and Cuernavaca paid attention to it ...